Hydropower plays a very important role in Power Generation, mainly because it is the most widely-used and also the oldest system. Since electromechanical elements started being used to exploit this source of power, Oil Hydraulic systems have played a very important role. The ability to move Large Loads and the ease of regulation meant that oil-hydraulics became widespread in this technology.
Glual became interested and participated in these Glual has been involved in these markets from the very beginning, working with the main companies
in the Sector.Initially, the company used the clients’ engineering, but later started using its own In-house Engineering to develop and supply Hydraulic Equipment and Cylinders for all applications.
Thanks to advances in Electronics, it began to incorporate servo-valves and proportional valves that allow automation and remote control of the Plants; this resulted in the creation of Servo-control technology and improved servo-cylinder designs with incorporated transducers.
Main applications in which GLUAL Hydraulics are used:
  • Regulating Units for controlling variable pitch Turbines when in operation or in emergencies.
  • Regulating cylinders with or without incorporated Transducer.
  • Servos and Electronics for regulating Turbine pitch.
  • Units for Bypass Valves and cylinders as well.
  • Turbine Axle Lubricating Units.
  • Gates of all kinds are built with GLUAL Cylinders.
    • Taintor-type floodgates.
    • Slide gate valves and flap sluice gates.
    • Wagon floodgates.
    • Underground floodgates.
    • Underground floodgates.
  • Bar cleaning. Movement cylinders and travel motors.
GLUAL regularly Maintains Large Floodgates and Pressurised Equipment.

Clients entrust to us the Repair of Large-Scale cylinders for their floodgates, which, in many cases, we have to redesign and manufacture to their original condition.

Our Engineering Department, starting from the original designs or a sample, is able to provide solutions for even the most complicated Cylinders and Units. The restoration of old Hydropower Stations is regular work for GLUAL.

Clients ask us for solutions for Updating and improving Old installations.
GLUAL offers an integral service for improving the hydraulics in old Hydroelectric Power Stations that are still in operation.