The offshore industry is one that demands extreme reliability in its application of hydraulic cylinders in support boats or work on drilling platforms.
Due to the extreme conditions, the quality of the finish, material and the protection required, even after long periods, depends on the technology used in
the external treatment. Rods with ceramic lining, stainless steel or other types of materials can be manufactured using the cylinders produced by GLUAL.


External, inspection companies such as DNV, B& Beritas, Lloyds Register, ABS, etc, are used by the clients to guarantee the quality and production processes in this sector. Glual works with them and adapts its products to the client’s requirements to ensure appropriate certification.

We produce a wide range of standard products, adapted for offshore environments, as well as specific products for this sector.

Range of Applications:
  • Cranes for boats
  • Applications on Offshore Platforms
  • In RORO equipment
  • In deck winches and machinery
  • In hatches and access gates
  • Production and extraction tensors
  • Cable tensors with high and low-pressure accumulators
  • Lifting cylinders for BOP (blowout preventer, for avoiding leaks)
  • Platform lift cylinders
  • Wave compensation cylinders
  • Extraction column compensation cylinders
  • Cylinders for installing flexible ducts
  • Submergible cylinders
  • Movement and lifting cylinders
  • Boom cylinders or mast cylinders for naval cranes
  • Naval towing crane cylinders
  • Piston accumulators (CE / ASME)
  • Electro-hydraulic power units
  • High pressure instrument panels and multiple block and valve options
GLUAL’S global experience in the oil and gas industry covers not only large-scale electro-hydraulic power plants and stations, but also associated elements. This often involves extremely complex high pressure instrument panels and controls, with a broad range of standard, measurement and special purpose multiple block and valve options.
Glual is TUV-certified and this quality management system applies in all its designs, production and installation operations, in full compliance with the ISO 9001 standard.