As part of its range of special products, Glual Designs, Manufactures and Installs SPECIAL CYLINDERS FOR LARGE-SCALE PRESSES. Its Engineering Department develops its project in accordance with the client’s specifications and designs 3D models and analyses the elements most suitable to each application. We can build piston dimensions with diameters of up to 1400mm and strokes on demand. The joint systems are built and completed according to the application and the specific demands of the work and the environment, in close cooperation with our specialist providers.
With the in-house production in our workshops and the tests and certificates issued by our laboratories, we guarantee that the clients’ requirements will be met.


Hydraulic units, manoeuvring blocks and connections fall within the scope of GLUAL’S supply. GLUAL is fully responsible for ensuring that the hydraulic system works properly.

Glual has been working in close contact with machine manufacturers for more than 40 years, and has earned their trust and its own prestige among the main suppliers, thereby consolidating its presence in the sector.

Typical applications for our cylinders:

  • Static and dynamic test presses.
  • Mounting presses
  • Stamping presses for the automobile sector.
  • Presses for compacting cardboard, wood, steel, aluminium and other materials.
  • Briquettes and shavings press.
  • Scrap metal compacting presses.
  • Cardboard presses.
  • Presses for the ceramics and tiling sector.