Tunnel Boring Machines are large mechanical drilling structures that can be used to drill large tunnels over large distances continuously, completing full tunnel construction.

These machines work mainly with hydraulic systems, such as the engines that turn the drill head and Cylinders for Securing and Pushing the machine along, installation of segments, etc.

The cylinders required in these machines are designed especially to have the required robustness for working in industrial environments and are protected from any aggressive elements: dust, gas, abrasion, water and humidity, etc.

GLUAL Manufactures and Repairs the cylinders of these large machines, guaranteeing their functionality and useful life. Gripper Cylinders and Feed Cylinders Cylinders for positioning and installing segments.
The company supplies axial Piston Engines and hydraulic power pumps for powering them. FILTERING and COOLING circuits can also be supplied by GLUAL.

We have also carried out repair work in record time for machines that were in operation and required fast servicing.

GLUAL HYDRAULICS is a Global Supplier that can meet your needs in any part of the WORLD.